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Welcome to Shapes and Shadow - the only independent figure drawing class in the valley! 

Our diverse group of models will allow you a unique chance to practice figure drawing. While this class is uninstructed (uninterrupted time for you to practice), we welcome all levels of experience - from novice to experienced artist!

Our mission is to provide a safe space for both artists and models alike. Any discrimination, harassment, or unsafe behavior will result in immediate expulsion from class.

Sitting Ballet Dancer


I've never been to a drawing class like this before - is that ok?

All levels of experience are welcome! This is an uninstructed class, but a great time for newcomers and experienced artists alike to practice with a live model. 

If you are nervous about coming alone, check out our "Bring A Friend" promo!

What can I expect during class?

During class, there is time for warm-up sketching, 5 minute poses, 15 minute poses, and two 30 minute poses.

Models will be semi-clothed in form fitting/minimal clothing due to privacy restrictions. They will rotate each week for a variety of body types and modeling styles! 

What do I need to bring?

This art class is a BYO(M) class - bring your own medium! Bring your favorite drawing utensils and paper (easels provided). 

We ask that you use dry or water-based mediums in respect to the gallery space we will be using. i.e. pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, water colors, and NOT (at this time) acrylic paints, etc.

Where are the classes located?

Our weekly classes are held at the Gem Center for the Arts on the third floor in the Vivid Gallery - go to the third floor and take an immediate right!  2417 Bank Drive Boise ID 83705


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